We use Google Analytics to measure our digital presence, track if we post anything worth looking at. This service (Google Analytics, more about it here) collects records of pages you visit when you come to our site and basic information about your computer (if you use tablet, PC, LT or just your phone). And we also want to know how you arrived to our site, so we can measure the marketing effects of our campaigns. Your identity is and remains yours: you remain anonymous, just a number in our statistics.

The information we can collect automatically when you access the site, while browsing the site and are active on it, is certain information about your equipment, activities and search patterns, such as:

  • Details of your visits to our site, including traffic data, location data, records and other communication data and sources that you access and use on the site;
  • Information about your computer and internet connection, including your IP address, operating system, and browser type.

Why do we do this: first of all, we always try to improve, so by analyzing we can see what products are trending, what news you like to read, where we bored you to death and if our site is visible from your device. This is all in order to improve your experience and overall satisfaction. Second, we all have reports to write, and we prefer to have some solid numbers to back us up.

Still not clear? Ask us anything about privacy policy or treatment of your personal data at: office@smlighting.rs


The cookie represents the technology we use for automatic data collection.

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SM Lighting reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy without prior notice. Changes will be posted on this page.

This privacy policy was last revised in February 2019.