Our company(SISAL METAL LTD.) was established in 2002 to produce aluminum parts for general industry, mainly in automotive and lighting industry.

In 2007, the company turned its core business to the Lighting industry. Since its establishment, the company acted as an approved supplier for the following:

In Turkey:
-VEKSAN Lighting A.S.
-METSAN Lighting A.S.
-ENTEK LED Lighting A.S.
-VEKTA Lighting A.S.
-POLIGHT Özcan Lighting A.S. ,

in Europe:
-ZUMTOBEL Lighting GmbH.

In 2018, SM LIGHTING D.O.O. was established as a subsidiary company in Belgrade, Serbia.
SM LIGHTING will act as the official representative of the subsidiary company in Turkey, will produce lighting projects, and make customized special designs and manufacturing.